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J. I. Watson Elementary School

Early Childhood Performance Rating


Overall Performance

What is this site's rating for classroom quality?

2018-2019 Rating

Proficient About this scale

How is this site performing in measures for PreK classrooms (3-4 years)?

Louisiana classrooms are observed using CLASS™, a nationally recognized tool. These in-depth measures show how well classrooms support children’s growth and development.

Emotional Support

High Proficient

Classroom organization

High Proficient

Instructional support

Approaching Proficient

How is this site using best practices?

Stars help parents understand the practices in their children’s classrooms. This is self-reported informatIon that is not included in the site’s rating.


Are teachers measuring child progress?

Children per Teacher

Will my child receive close attention?

Curriculum Quality: Pre-K

What is the quality of the curriculum in PreK classrooms?

How Prepared are the teachers at this site?